It's been a while since we had a proper day as a family so spending Sunday morning checking out the contemporary new pier at Hastings was some long overdue family time. 
A pier for the community the design is modern, the wide open space is refreshing and calming while the dull greyness of the wood blends into the grey skies. Through the telescopes we watched the lifeboat return to shore and sailing boats gliding out at sea. Inside the main structure we found a fun exhibit of Automata which kept the boys busy for a while. A quick blast in the photo booth, Shea only just sneaked into shot even though he was pulling his best photo face! 
Looking forward to visit again in summertime and to play and explore the rockpools on the shore below. 
Connor wears Magpie Boots and Shea wears Achilles in Emerald Leo 



As with each season we are inspired and influenced by exhibitions, colours and things that we have seen. Our Spring Summer 18 collection "Colours of the Tribe" takes influence from the work of African photographer Malike Sidibe who's portraits of African culture in the 1960s are just brilliant. Having fallen in love with his work years ago when I bought a book of his photos of African dancers, there was a small exhibition of his portraits at Somerset House in London so I went along. Strong portraits shot with a simple backdrop which clashes patterns and texture, not to mention the outfits and confident poses. Shot in black and white you can only imagine the colours!
Combine that with a contemporary burst of bold colour and a little bit of streetwear styling and hey presto: new season, "Colours of the Tribe".




Mother's Day
Oh for a few flowers on Mother's Day! We're not big on days like Mother's Day in our house, the boys usually make me a lovely card and I get an extra cuddle or two throughout the day which is always nice. This year Tom headed off to play football and I played with the boys out the back of the house, and nothing says Happy Mother's Day quite like a game of football, but just once it would be nice to be given some flowers. 
Achilles shoes in Copper with Daffodils - bought by me ;)
Dancing boots
Boots that are made for dancing and twirling in: Jackdaw Boots in Tan. 
Currently sold out but we'll be re-making our  Jackdaw Boots in tan later in the season so if you missed out on these before then watch this space. We'll also be launching the Jackdaw Boots in Black in the next couple of weeks...
Photos by @piperandpoppies
Spring Snowdrops
The first signs of Spring are starting to appear and the sight of snowdrops marks the promise of many an adventure to come. Making tents and secret dens in the woods is always fun and even more so when your favourite teddybears keep you company. Oak and his photographer mum Natasha braved the cold temperatures to enjoy the change in seasons while Winter turns to Spring. Wrapped up warm in his long red socks and Jackdaw boots Oak is certainly ready to set up camp in the blanket snowdrops and enjoy his teddybears picnic in style. 
Read all about Oak's adventures over on Junior Style. Photographs by Natasha Bridges
SS18 behind the scenes
The seasonal look book shoot is one of my favourite parts of creating the collection. It's the moment that we bring the shoes to life and give them a story. Sometimes our shoots take on a nostalgic feeling but for SS18 I wanted to make something quite the opposite. Colourful and contemporary with a hint of street wear attitude and styling with a sprinkling of African tribal thrown in for good measure, that's the vibe. 
Here's a few sneak peeks from the shoot. Thanks to our wonderful crew for helping us get the best shots :
Hannah Coates behind the lens, Rachel Jones working her magic on hair, the coolest models; Tiarna, Izzy, Shaylah, and Issac, photographers assistant Josh, Flora for the loan of her amazing visors and last of all my mum, for being my all round helper and driver for the day. Thanks guys!! 
New shoes in the making
It's that time of year again when the workshop is jammed full of new season shoes in various stages of construction. From leather and patterns on the cutting bench to closed uppers ready to be lasted, to rows of nearly finished shoes lines up waiting for soles and finishing. It won't be long before they are all coming off the production line and heading home to get cleaned up, polished and boxed ready to for little feet. 
As always we have a mixture of classic and not so classic colours and materials in the collection, with the most outrageous being panels of multicoloured fox fur, made from left over scraps. Super messy, super challenging to work with, and most definitely the bane of Toms life right now. But, it's going to look spectacular and we've never been known to shy away from a shoemaking challenge!
Blueberry pickers
While us lot on this side of the world are freezing cold in rain, snow or just general cold, on the other side of the world in Australia it's hot and sunny this time of year and our friends Piper and Poppies are heading out blueberry picking. We love to follow the adventures of these two sisters, especially when they're done in our favourite tan Jackdaw Boots and pom pom socks. Perfect. 
I used to love fruit picking with my family when I was little so I can imagine the fun these two had blueberry picking. Let's hope some of the berries actually made it home ;)
size 28 at last
Finally my little boy has made it to our smallest size, size 28. We've been waiting for his feet to be big enough for ages so that he can wear our shoes, hand made by his dad. I managed to persuade him to try a pair of our Magpie Boots on the other day but alas he has decided he doesn't want to wear our shoes. Apparently he only wants to wear "cool" shoes like football boots or running shoes!! ha. Is this really my son?! ;)
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