Join us at the Summer Designer and Makers Fair in the beautiful Grade 2 listed Barns at Charleston - home to the Bloomsbury group. We'll be showcasing our beautiful shoes & boots alongside 30 carefully curated exhibitors will be selling high quality, handmade goods and crafts. 

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June. 11am-5pm. £5 entry. 
Firle, Lewes
East Sussex 
custom design


Select your favourite leather and we will custom make your shoes for you.
We've checked our leather stocks and found some exciting leathers from our past repertoire which are too good to keep on the shleves in the workshop. There's a lot of metallics, colourful snake prints as well as metallic leopard prints. We'll only be able to make a maximum of 8 pairs of each option so they're all super exclusive. 
Head to our MADE TO ORDER section and make your choice... 
Mother's Day
We're celebrating Mother's Day here in the UK this weekend so we are offering a special treat: 25% discount all weekend using the code MOTHER at checkout when you purchase any shoes from our collection. Offer ends Sunday evening 31st March and excludes Made to Order styles. Happy Mother's Day! 


We are opening the doors to our workshop on Sunday 10th February for anyone interested to come and see what we do and maybe try their hand at shoemaking.
We'll also have a small sample sale, with prices from £40.
Doors will be open 10-2pm so pop by and say hello!
x Fay & Tom
The Alchemists Footprint
Unit 4, The Old Dairy
East Sussex
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Laces can be a bit of challenge with kids, especially when you're rushing out the door. Here at Chapter 2 we only make shoes and boots with laces, well, for the time being at least. We're hoping to change that for next Autumn Winter but for now our styles all have laces. 
Personally I like the ritual of lacing up boots, maybe it's because I've done it so many times it's kind of become second nature. I like the way that once you've got them tied up to the top you automatically feel smart and walk with a pride in your step. It's a feeling you just don't get from a velcro strap or such like. 
 As for my own kids, my eldest can tie his own laces - slowly and always pretty loose but he does it, and my youngest can't tie laces yet. He's the baby of the family so it's ok, his time will come soon enough...
It's the first few days back at work in London after the new year and to be honest it's pretty hard commuting again but I've been told about a private exhibition of Robert Rauschenbergs work which we duly go to check out. Hidden amongst the luxury boutiques on Dover Street the building is worth a visit alone, such a beautiful and peaceful space and for a someone who loves, colour, print and textiles it's a really lovely selection of work too. Photo prints overlaid on checks, stripes and blocks of colour, what a lovely and inspiring way to start the new year!



My one desire when in Wales was to pick up a genuine Welsh blanket for our home. Our house is absolutely freezing and some some reason we don't have any blankets - I think that's because I haven't found THE one so instead of making with anything do we just freeze instead. Anyway, like I said I was hoping that when in Wales we might just be able to find a traditional Welsh blanket. I was given a recommendation that Jane Beck had the best selection so I dragged the boys over to check it out. I had seen a few pics of the shop on the internet but her website somehow doesn't do the actual shop and it's contents justice. The small building is crammed to the rafters of vintage blankets of all colours, patterns and textures. There's so many to choose from it's very difficult to only leave with one but finally we all agreed on a design from the 1950s called Liquorice Allsorts: black with pink, blue and white tapestry design. Next time we go back I think I might need pale pink for our room and bright blue for the boys...



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A quick trip to the beautiful Marche region of Italy to visit our shoemakers and to start some exciting new projects: the first - testing some new materials ready for next Spring, the second - researching and sourcing components and leather for a sneaker, and finally, possibly the most exciting we briefed in our first womens styles with a new factory. So many exciting developments in the pipeline for 2019 I'm looking forward to see how they all unfurl...

Sunday afternoon
It could be any given Sunday, Harry Potter story tape is playing in the kitchen and sprawled across the table the boys are model making and colouring. As all mothers know this 5 minutes peace is precious so when you get it you make the most of it. With that in mind I got out the samples and the colour cards we are currently working on to review some potential new colours. So many choices! I decided on one but the other I'm still not so sure. Time will tell.
puppet making
I have been hoping that Rox from Young Double would be one day venture our way to do one of her craft workshops and finally my wish was granted. Puppet making in our local kids boutique Little Natural Co in Lewes, I didn't think twice to book and take both the boys to get sewing. I was a little worried that Connor might be too old and that Shea might be too young, but I needn't have worried. I also shouldn't have worried that they'd be the only boys there because as it turned out it was only boys attending. How refreshing, a boys only sewing workshop! My boys had a great time, totally engrossed in what they were doing and both made puppets which are so very them; Connor an owl and Shea a zombie. Perfect. Such a lovely morning in such lovely company. When can we do it all again?!


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