Currently all our shoes are handcrafted in England by my husband Tom. We have our own workshop in East Sussex, where everything is made, from the pattern cutting to the stitching to the lasting and finishing. However, for a while now we've been planning to move some of our production to Europe. Why? well, there are several reasons but the main one is that as we've grown it's got more challenging for one man to make all our shoes and boots by hand. Until now we've only been able to make a very limited run of our styles and often a lot of the collection we don't make at all. So, with the idea of trying to make our shoes and boots more accessible and more available, especially key sizes which are usually sold out (and to save a little of Tom's sanity) we are moving some of our production to Italy. As we move forwards our classics will be made in Italy and our exclusive made to order styles will still be hand crafted in England. This means that we'll be able to carry stock of everyone's favourite boots and Tom can focus on making the more special pieces which can only be made by hand with a lot of love and attention. 
Behind the scenes it's taken a while to source the right factory to partner with. Having researched various manufacturers in Spain, Portugal and Italy and I'm happy to share that we've been working with a supplier in Italy who just like us are a small family business of artisan shoe makers making high quality childrens shoes. Together we've been re-working our favourite and classic patterns: Jackdaw boot, Wren boot and Swift shoes. And in about a weeks time (5th Nov) the first fruits of this partnership will be arriving at our workshop and will be available on-line. It's an exciting time for us, a new chapter in our journey and I'm looking forward to share the new collection with you soon... x Fay

What could be more fun than our shoes together with the flamboyant designs of Raspberry Plum?! It's a perfect match. Their AW18 collection is expertly teamed with our Swift shoes in Gold, Wren boot in Pewter, and Jackdaw boots in Red & Nude or Black & Nude; the most stylish innovative designs inspired by the celebrated dance company the Ballets Russes. 


Ok, so next up on the workbench as part of our made to order series will be some mini leopard print saddle shoes in Tan or Raspberry to match our ACE boots. Watch this space as they'll be available to order shortly...


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What could be more gorgeous for autumn winter than the snuggly handmade knits of Mabli ?! We have been fans for a while and love their subtle tones, heritage style and like us they have roots of manufacturing here in the UK. Our black Wren Boots perfectly compliment the styling of their new collection. Thanks Mabli xx



A story about friendship, family, boots and a rusty pick up... It's a visual story I've been wanting to tell for some time now, a bunch of kids "living" off the back of a rusty old truck out in the fields.
When I say it's a story about friendship and family, it really is. We had so many friends, neighbours and my own two boys involved which made the shoot even more special. It really is my very own wild family. And what I like more than anything is when you photograph brothers, sisters or besties there's no mistaking that bond and it shows through in the images.
As for the location, we shot it in the village where we live so once again it felt like home and somehow just that little bit more personal. Combine all of that with the last rays of summer and the magic of Laura Jenkinsons (@tickingstripe) natural, vintage style photography, what could be better?!
You can check out the full story in our look book section of the website... eagle eyed folk amongst you will spot some new boots styles will will be available at the end of October...
Thanks to the crew: Laura, Bernie, Connor, Shea, Giddy, Flynn, Eva, Erin, Mia Rose and Olivia. 



For once we're able to keep things really local for our photoshoot, so local in fact that we were able to use the new workshop as a base for changing and set up. Nested amongst the shoe components and machinery was a gorgeous rail of clothes and props ready with all our favourite brands: Bobo Choses, The Animals Observatory, Main Story, Raspberry Plum, Wolf & Rita, and the most fabulous selection of socks. Clashing prints, colours all mixed together with all our favourite boots. Perfect.

Once again we have moved workshop and hopefully it's the last move for some time. We've moved super local to us to a lovely unit in the Old Dairy in our village in East Sussex. It's a stones throw from home which should make life easier for Tom the shoemaker and it's also the nicest workshop space we've ever been in. So, it's time to step up and make this place nice. Here's a bit of a peek into the new space. Hopefully I can give you a tour when it's finished in a few weeks time...
Every now and then we lend other like minded brands some of our shoes for their look book shoots and not only do I love unisex brand Main Story  for my own boys but Sue who creates it is also a good friend, so of course we agreed to lend her a few pairs. Our shoes make the perfect compliment to her soft jersey styles, beautiful muted colours and subtle geometric prints for boys and girls. And more than anything being friends I love seeing our collections worn together. Here's a snap shot of their new AW collection, worn with Magpie Boots, Jackdaw Boots in Red & Nude and our special edition fluffy shearling  Achilles shoes, shot by Chieska Fortune Smith. 
into the wild
It's been a good while since we met up with friends Amy & Ivor (makers of the most lovely, soft leather baby moccasins) but finally we got it together for an adventure in the Ashdown Forest, home of Winnie the Pooh. 
A long walk through the woods firing pinecone grenades, den building, exploring the ferns and wild purple heathers, and the highlight for the little ones of finding the tiniest frog which only the youngest were brave enough to hold. If you've never been to the Ashdown Forest then put it on your list of places to go for an adventure with the kids.
We went camping for the weekend. Friends keep asking us if we had fun and the honest answer is the boys had fun. Us I'm not so sure. It's quite stressful trying to load everything for the 4 of us for the weekend into a tiny car, putting up a tent neither of us knows how to put up, and all the rest of the joys that camping brings. Thankfully the torrential downpour started shortly after the tent was up and we had made dinner on the campfire as I'm not sure the boys would have coped if we couldn't toast marshmallows. Trapped inside the tent as a stream of water made it's way across the floor the boys read Transformers comics to each other with the head torch, their excitement not dwindling. Luckily the rain calmed down and we could head out for a walk in the dark, attempting to spot an owl or some bats. We saw neither.
Day two and things were already much better. The sun was shining, we'd all survived the night with varying degrees of sleep, the tent didn't leak and more than that it was Connors birthday. Hurray! Opening birthday cards and pressies in the tent he was as happy as Larry and it made all the stress of the previous day worth while. The boys did some secret ninja training, a little bit of football, more marshamallows, and that evening we did manage another night walk through the woods. This time we took the bat detector with us and heard the distinctive sound of bats. As Connor put it, we were not alone!  
Breaking it down into simple terms the boys just want to sleep outside in a tent, light a fire, toast marshmallows, run around outside and go for a night time walk with torches. Simple right?! I'm sure I can manage that once a year. Tom I'm not so sure.