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I have been hoping that Rox from Young Double would be one day venture our way to do one of her craft workshops and finally my wish was granted. Puppet making in our local kids boutique Little Natural Co in Lewes, I didn't think twice to book and take both the boys to get sewing. I was a little worried that Connor might be too old and that Shea might be too young, but I needn't have worried. I also shouldn't have worried that they'd be the only boys there because as it turned out it was only boys attending. How refreshing, a boys only sewing workshop! My boys had a great time, totally engrossed in what they were doing and both made puppets which are so very them; Connor an owl and Shea a zombie. Perfect. Such a lovely morning in such lovely company. When can we do it all again?!


Shoe folk

My husband Tom and I work together on CHAPTER 2, we are both shoe folk; I design, he makes so I thought I'd share a few shoe facts about us both...

  • We met at the prestigious shoe college Cordwainers College in London. We graduated in 2002 with a degree in shoe design, marketing and product development. 
  • I haven’t physically made a pair of shoes since I left college but I’m responsible for millions of pairs made and sold around the globe.
  • I love seeing people in the street wearing my shoes. Even after all the shoes I’ve designed it’s still a buzz to know someone bought something I created.
  • We both work on other shoe related projects aside from CHAPTER 2: I have an almost full time job designing women’s shoes for a luxury British fashion house. Tom teaches and makes bespoke womens shoes. He has taught shoemaking one-on-one but also at The Royal College of Art, Cordwainers College and most recently at an accessories college in Montreal.
  • Since we’ve been together we’ve had around 8 different shoemaking workshops including in our living room in 2 different houses.
  • We’ve both had our own women’s footwear brands in the past and for our sins we’ve both had our faces printed on shoe packaging. Before you ask, NO you will never see it!
  • After kids my feet have spread and are now significantly wider than before so most of the gorgeous shoes I bought before kids don’t fit anymore. I’m slowly coming round to selling them. 
  • Although most of the shoes I own are high heels I’m terrible at wearing heels. Always have been, always will be.
  • Tom has only ever made me one pair of shoes, the ones I got married in. In fact he made both our wedding shoes. Me, a mid height wooden heel court shoe in nude with silver brushstrokes. Him, a pair of pewter leopard derbys.
  • We talk about shoes A LOT.
  • Our kids are not particularly interested in shoes (although one does enjoy a colouring book of sneakers). Generally when a package turns up at home they excitedly ask what’s in it only to answer “urgh” when I tell them it’s shoes.
  • I don’t think either of us wants our boys to go into footwear as a career, although if they did I can only imagine how incredible they could be... some of the best shoe designers come from shoe families...
  • Tom and I have similar-ish taste, although I do have more of a penchant for sparkles, fur and such like. I haven’t bought any metallics for a while but maybe that needs to change...
  • How many shoes do I own? I try not to think about it. I probably have about 5/6 pairs that I actually wear all the time and the rest are either research or archive samples. To put it in context we recently sorted out our archive and have 12 storage boxes of ones that we're not keeping so you can only imagine how many pairs that might be. That's not even mentioning the ones we are keeping!!
  • My favourite part of designing is choosing materials and new leathers, building a story through the colours and textures.
  • and finally, yes, we’re still working on women’s shoes for CHAPTER 2.
Our beautiful leather belts are now back on-line and available just in time for Christmas. They're the perfect stocking filler for mini fashionistas who love to dress up or for the ultimate in smart luxury style. Monochrome, tan, pink, blue and metallic there's a little something for everyone.

Throughout the build up to Christmas we are offering a free gift wrap service on every purchase. Luxury wrap for beautiful shoes & boots, ready to sit under the tree or simply as a special treat. What nicer way to receive your shoes?!
So lovely to see all your spooky pics over on Instagram this Halloween, thanks for sharing them with us. Here's a few of my favourite spooky shots...

Currently all our shoes are handcrafted in England by my husband Tom. We have our own workshop in East Sussex, where everything is made, from the pattern cutting to the stitching to the lasting and finishing. However, for a while now we've been planning to move some of our production to Europe. Why? well, there are several reasons but the main one is that as we've grown it's got more challenging for one man to make all our shoes and boots by hand. Until now we've only been able to make a very limited run of our styles and often a lot of the collection we don't make at all. So, with the idea of trying to make our shoes and boots more accessible and more available, especially key sizes which are usually sold out (and to save a little of Tom's sanity) we are moving some of our production to Italy. As we move forwards our classics will be made in Italy and our exclusive made to order styles will still be hand crafted in England. This means that we'll be able to carry stock of everyone's favourite boots and Tom can focus on making the more special pieces which can only be made by hand with a lot of love and attention. 
Behind the scenes it's taken a while to source the right factory to partner with. Having researched various manufacturers in Spain, Portugal and Italy and I'm happy to share that we've been working with a supplier in Italy who just like us are a small family business of artisan shoe makers making high quality childrens shoes. Together we've been re-working our favourite and classic patterns: Jackdaw boot, Wren boot and Swift shoes. And in about a weeks time (5th Nov) the first fruits of this partnership will be arriving at our workshop and will be available on-line. It's an exciting time for us, a new chapter in our journey and I'm looking forward to share the new collection with you soon... x Fay

What could be more fun than our shoes together with the flamboyant designs of Raspberry Plum?! It's a perfect match. Their AW18 collection is expertly teamed with our Swift shoes in Gold, Wren boot in Pewter, and Jackdaw boots in Red & Nude or Black & Nude; the most stylish innovative designs inspired by the celebrated dance company the Ballets Russes. 


Ok, so next up on the workbench as part of our made to order series will be some mini leopard print saddle shoes in Tan or Raspberry to match our ACE boots. Watch this space as they'll be available to order shortly...


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What could be more gorgeous for autumn winter than the snuggly handmade knits of Mabli ?! We have been fans for a while and love their subtle tones, heritage style and like us they have roots of manufacturing here in the UK. Our black Wren Boots perfectly compliment the styling of their new collection. Thanks Mabli xx