about us
CHAPTER 2 began in the summer of 2013 after the birth of my second son, the 2nd chapter of our family. Combining my expertise in footwear and accessories with a love of contemporary children’s design I set out to create the most beautiful shoes for children. Sophisticated, unisex classics, yet playful in both material and spirit.
Chapter 2 shoes are crafted by hand in our own workshop in the English countryside by my husband Tom, and our belts are lovingly made by a family of premium belt makers in Italy. We source the best Italian leathers and components for our products and believe that quality, originality and craftsmanship create beautiful investment pieces. Our products are made by real people using natural materials so slight variations will occur but this is all part of the charm. All our shoes are created in very limited quantities and are a really special item to treasure.
About Me: 
I began my career designing beautiful accessories for Dries Van Noten in Antwerp, Belgium. It was there I developed a sense of style, a love of colour, texture, and an appreciation of the quality of luxury. Moving to Barcelona, Spain I designed my own footwear range for an exclusive boutique in New York. I've also worked for various fashion brands in the UK bringing my love for footwear and accessories with me.
You could say that our household shares a family passion. Until recently my husband Tom had his shoemaking workshop in the living room; we had a leather stock cupboard under the stairs; and we still have a substantial archive of shoes, bags and belts in the attic. So although fashion must be in our boys’ blood, our eight year old son Connor wants to be a world renowned inventor when he’s older (he made his first shoe designs some time ago and has moved on to bigger and better things!) and his little brother Shea loves to get involved in everything, especially playing with the shoe lasts and scraps of leather.
x Fay
CHAPTER 2 was the proud winner of the MilK Magazine award for Shoes at Playtime Paris AW14 edition.