our leather sole

As most of you will probably be used to your children's shoes having rubber soles, here's a little something about our leather sole...

First things first, leather is not like rubber and it will not perform like rubber. 

The first time the shoes are worn the top surface of the leather will start to scuff. This is normal and is how leather soles wear - this doesn't mean that they have worn out. 

Leather soles can be a little slippy, especially if you're not used to them, so to help our little ones we have added a rubber cloud to our leather soles. (Just because we add a little anti-slip doesn't mean it can't look good too!). The heel also has a full rubber top piece so the only bit of the heel in contact with the ground is made of rubber.

Underneath the cloud we have tooled some different weather, could be raindrops, lightning or stars. Each pair will be different.